Leveraging data to find impact and wellbeing at work

At HabLab, we are building an innovative future of work experience for all of Slalom. As we enable change by leveraging strategic partnerships to accelerate well-informed thoughts, we are impacting Slalom's strategic vision through a collection of experiments and incubations.

We do this by starting with a theory, accelerating an experiment or thought, analyzing data and behaviors, publishing an opinion, integrating with culture, incubating to create best practices, and sharing it for all to utilize.

We believe a single person has the power to change the world!

impact report

Annual HabLab Impact Report 

impact report

Our Impact Report intends to provide an overview of HabLab’s efforts for the 2022 calendar year and inspire ideas for the future of what’s to come. We help people and organizations dream bigger, move faster, and build better tomorrows for all. If reading this report inspires you and you’d like to partner with our team, please contact us at [email protected].


At HabLab, we establish and seek partnerships that allow for collaboration around finding purpose in the future of work. Through our partnerships, we serve to strengthen, support, and transform the employee experience to maintain wellness, finding purpose in meaningful work, and overall company culture favorability. We are passionate about experimenting outside of a vacuum and sharing results around the future of work for all to utilize. We maintain close partnerships with many collaborators to ensure we are incorporating diverse voices that represent many audiences across Slalom.

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Our dream is for Slalom to feel like home for every new person who joins and for our culture to evolve to represent unlimited possibilities in impactful work and work styles.

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Let’s collaborate to find purpose in the future of work by studying how people work.


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