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Bracing for disruption in life sciences and healthcare

Find out what it will take to maintain a competitive advantage in the fast-approaching age of personalized, data-driven healthcare.

The rise of CRISPR genome editing technology and affordable genome sequencing have the potential to disrupt the life science and healthcare industries as irrevocably as the internet disrupted retail, travel, and music. 

Industry leaders must adapt with unprecedented speed or risk getting displaced by new types of competitors.

In our free, on-demand webinar, industry experts Amy Loftus and Emily Borlik explore how emerging technologies are likely to disrupt business as usual for life science companies, providers, payers, and patients—and what you can do to prepare.

Watch this webinar for:

  • Guidance on how to prioritize and implement modern data infrastructure and intelligence capabilities
  • Insight on how go-to-market models for new therapies may need to evolve
  • Pointers for increasing trust and collaboration between life sciences and healthcare to improve the end-to-end patient experience
  • Inspiration from case studies of strategic initiatives underway across the life sciences and healthcare landscape

Start preparing your organization.

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CRISPR, genomics, and emerging disruption in the life sciences industry

The cost of genomic sequencing is a fraction of what it was a decade ago, and low-cost individual genome editing appears ever more imminent thanks to the rise of CRISPR technology. Together, these technologies promise to enable personalized therapies across mass populations, ushering in a new era for biotech and pharmaceutical companies. 

Learn how today’s leading firms can prepare to defend their competitive advantage.

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