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Mission to Salesforce

Inside Slalom’s quest for connection with Salesforce

We’re sharing our own launch story to provide you with deep insight on what it takes to enable a major business transformation with Salesforce.

As a Platinum Consulting Partner, Slalom has helped hundreds of companies implement Salesforce to accelerate connection with their customers, prospects, and employees. But there’s always more to learn—as we discovered when we applied our best practices as consultants to launch Sales Cloud to 1,200 of our employees, along with Pardot for marketing and Jobscience for recruiting.

Watch our on-demand webinar to find out what happens when a consulting firm consults itself and wins (mostly).

You’ll learn:

  • How we planned our implementation and change management program, with people and process at the center
  • What went well, including rapid alignment to a new process, centralization of customer stories, collaboration, and mobility
  • What we learned—so you don’t have to
  • What’s next on our horizon

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