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Slalom product engineering methodology

Design and build better products, faster

You want to create innovative products and experiences that your customers will love. But figuring out how to do it—and taking the investment plunge—can be daunting.

We know that even the most creative ideas require structure to succeed. That’s why we’ve developed a product engineering methodology (PEM) that helps companies innovate faster, reduce risk, and exceed customer expectations.

We want you to become a self-sustaining product engineering organization. And we’ll help you build the practices, habits, and operational muscle to get there.

slalom product engineering methodology
  1. Engage
    We don’t expect your trust—we earn it. From the first time we meet, we give you transparency into who we are and how we work. We listen to your goals, challenges, and hopes for a partnership, and create a right-sized delivery strategy based on what you and your customers truly need. 
  2. Discover
    Only by seeing the world through your customers’ eyes can we build experiences that blow them away. We ask them a lot of questions to get to the heart of who they are—and then we listen. With a clear understanding of what they’re looking for, we define the product, and lay out what it’ll take to bring it to market. 
  3. Deliver
    Using our Agile sprint cycle—everything from sprint planning to building, testing, and planning the release—our engineering experts partner with you to develop the product. We regularly share concepts, tools, and approaches with your team, helping you build skills and learn by doing. 
  4. Transition
    Throughout every stage of development, we work with your teams to ensure that every product we release is something you can maintain, support, monitor, and scale on your own. When we hand off the finished product, your team will be able to smoothly move forward and iterate without us. 

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