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We partnered with the Department of Transportation for one northeast state to create a solution that standardizes workflows and dramatically improves response times, helping its teams to identify and solve constituents’ most pressing concerns.

Challenge: Slow, manual replies 

When a constituent or elected official contacts their state’s Department of Transportation, they expect a quick response. But the department’s team was stuck with an outmoded, email-only system that required a lot of manual administration. Responses to officials and members of the public alike were delayed. A backlog was building. Worse, manual data entry and reliance on knowledge of arcane processes meant messages could easily be missed or incorrectly reported to the Highway Administrator’s office.

Solution: Standardized, straightforward, and speedy  

Slalom helped the department build a Salesforce solution that gives administrators a straightforward and standardized workflow for all correspondence, from intake to resolution. The solution is visual and intuitive. By clicking on a map, department staff can pinpoint the location of a constituent’s concern, and quickly route it to the appropriate office—no manual data entry is necessary. And employees can easily collaborate with each other without ever needing to leave the system.

Result: Timescales reduced from weeks to hours 

The department’s teams can now respond to incoming correspondence in hours instead of weeks, all without relying on email threads and obscure institutional knowledge. When they log in, office staff have a clear and immediate view of their pending requests, with the ability to prioritize and escalate correspondence. Administrators who run the department can quickly see what residents’ most pressing concerns are, and tailor communications based on these insights.

This also means more accurate reporting to the governor’s office and better outcomes for constituents. When a physical letter is required, the system provides seamless mail merge for the response, so administrators can spend time focusing on outcomes rather than formatting and other tedious logistics.

What’s more, the solution isn’t only a success for this particular department, but a model that can be scaled and integrated into other state agencies. 

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