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Building a new state agency from scratch with Salesforce Community Cloud

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We’re partnering with a northeast state to help create a brand-new public agency from the ground up—one that will serve 3.5 million residents and help provide security to those in need.

Challenge: Supporting residents through hardship

One northeast state is creating a new quasi-public agency to administer all functions related to a law called the Paid Family and Medical Leave Act. This agency will oversee the collection of and distribution of payments to support the goal of the new law: reliable income for state residents experiencing hardship caused by medical conditions.

Solution: People, process, and technology

What does this new agency need? In a word, everything. ​Slalom is partnering with the agency’s teams to build a holistic solution that brings together people, process, and technology—and we’re doing it all from scratch. Together we’re implementing a solution using Salesforce Community Cloud, Service Cloud, MuleSoft, Microsoft Azure, Blackthorn, and Google Analytics that will include: 

  • A user-friendly experience​ for applicants 

  • A public-facing website​ 

  • Processes for the collection of contributions, including full integration with TPAs 

  • Tracking of amounts paid and amounts due​ 

  • A chatbot to handle call volume​ 

  • Telephony for call center representatives​ 

  • A full-service center to provide a 360-degree view of employers and employees

  • A stakeholder engagement plan​ 

  • A change management and training plan​ 

Result: A seamless experience 

We’re on track to provide a positive, meaningful, and responsive experience to the residents of the state. The agency will begin collecting contributions from 105K+ employers in 2021, and start paying out employee claims in 2022. Many people using the agency’s services will be vulnerable and in need of help. Slalom and agency teams are focused on providing a sense of security for users as they visit the agency’s website and proceed through the registration and payment process. At the end of the day, we know technology is valuable only insofar as it improves the lives of people.

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