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Connecting people with healthcare in a pandemic

salesforce public sector solutions

We worked with a state public health agency to quickly develop and deploy a Salesforce solution that vets and assigns workers—ensuring that constituents receive the right care and expertise, at the right time.

Challenge: How do you match workers with jobs in a system pressured by COVID?

One state public health agency needed to overhaul their entire system of assigning nearly 82,000 healthcare workers to cases. This included properly vetting workers for licensure, experience, geographic location, and safety; assigning them to sites; and tracking their daily work. The legacy systems were a drain on time and resources, made worse by the unprecedented pressure of a global pandemic.

Solution: Salesforce Service Cloud is a perfect match

Our consultants quickly determined that Salesforce Service Cloud would be an ideal fit because of its native functionality as a CRM (customer relationship management tool), which maintains all info on individual cases, makes it accessible in one place, and syncs it across the organization. We also incorporated Salesforce Maps, so deployments can be managed with a full picture of all relevant logistics.

This solution was deployed in only two weeks and was accomplished 100% remotely.

Result: Busy essential workers supported

The tracking and management system can quickly identify medical workers, assign them to jobs, and manage these jobs to completion. It includes case management, process workflow, and client communications modules—all with the characteristic clarity of the Salesforce UI that makes for easy adoption.

The system provides team members with options to manage individual or group deployment histories, locations, and communications. It offers tracking by certifications and skills, and includes on-demand reporting for mobile with built-in messaging.

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