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Meeting community demand for police oversight

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We created a modern, cloud-based case management solution for the Department of Police accountability in a major US city. With revamped strategies and ways of working, its teams are ready to craft a whole new vision for the future.

Challenge: Legacy technology

The Department of Police Accountability (DPA) for a major city was managing caseloads using paper-based processes and 20+ year old technology. Its mission is to promptly and impartially investigate complaints against police officers, make policy recommendations regarding police practices, and conduct periodic audits of the police department. But the legacy systems were proving inadequate, especially in the face of rising community expectations around fuller information and engagement. They needed to modernize their technology, as well as revamp their strategy and ways of working.

Solution: Modern strategies to meet community needs

The DPA partnered with Slalom to modernize its case management technology, transform its operations, and establish clear strategies to meet rising community demand for oversight.

Slalom conducted a series of customer journey mapping workshops that identified pain points in the complainant process. We also worked alongside DPA team members to learn, brainstorm, and plan. This led to recommendations in five high-impact solution areas:

  • Establish the strategy 

  • Upgrade the technology 

  • Implement operating standards 

  • Enhance the customer experience 

  • Improve information exchange 

We used Salesforce Service Cloud to design, build, and test elements of the solution during iterative sprints. 

Rolling the solution out to the organization was a key part of this engagement. In the final transition phase to the new system, our team developed and led user acceptance testing and staff training ahead of go-live.  

Alongside these efforts, our team conducted a series of workshops with DPA leaders to overhaul the organization’s mission and vision, establish key strategic themes, and define objectives at the divisional level. 

Result: Ready for the future

The new Salesforce solution is a game-changer in the DPA’s ability to improve and scale its operations, as well as gain deeper, data-driven insights into their caseload.  

The solution: 
  • Establishes a single source of truth for all case information 

  • Eliminates duplication of data and effort 

  • Allows for data integration with partner agency systems 

  • Improves operational efficiency and internal collaboration 

  • Enables the standardization of operating procedures 

Further, the city has recently told us that the transition to a cloud-based solution was critical to DPA’s ability to continue functioning during the COVID-19 shelter-in-place mandate. Had teams continued with outdated paper-based processes, their operations would have essentially come to a halt.

As for our strategy work, it became the foundation of the DPA’s 3-5 year strategic plan, released in late 2019. Slalom team members have partnered with DPA to present a future vision of civilian police oversight to local government leaders, the Police Commission, and the mayor’s office. The community is now engaged on a level far beyond what it was previously.

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