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Creating a more responsive DMV

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How did this state DMV deliver better service to 27 million licensed drivers and comply with the REAL ID Act? Slalom partnered with Salesforce to deliver a chatbot solution—quickly and within budget.

Challenge: Swamped call centers

The call center agents for this DMV were doing their best, but the volume was just too much to handle. The DMV serves more 27 million licensed drivers across multiple state-wide field offices, and operates three call centers where about 600 agents answer phones. With the introduction of the REAL ID Act, there was a sudden 30% spike in calls from drivers anxious to upgrade. The effect on call times and abandon rate was raising alarms for government officials. They wanted transparency, training, faster service, and better constituent satisfaction.

Solution: Chatbot to the rescue

The DMV partnered with Slalom and Salesforce to successfully deliver a chatbot solution But this wasn’t only about tech solutions. Slalom’s Business Advisory Services also introduced Agile methods to the client team with discovery workshops, sprint plans and demos. Our consultants held daily stand-ups, and created a product backlog for future enhancements, and collaboration tools to ensure continuous engagement and communication.

Result:  Goodbye hold music

For staff, the chatbot solution means saying goodbye to unmanageable call volumes and hello to a clear, unified view of improvements. For drivers, a reliable self-serve option means fewer visits to a DMV field office and no time waiting on hold. The chatbot supports multiple languages to better serve the state’s diverse, often multi-lingual population. Something that has attracted satisfaction from drivers and praise in high places. As the governor of this state noted, “Response times have dropped from 130 minutes to 33.”

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