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Cutting the clutter to help vulnerable populations faster

salesforce public sector solutions

A social services agency in a large state wanted to reduce paperwork and devote more time to supporting its clients. We partnered with it to create a CRM system using Salesforce Service Cloud that helps its teams manage key information and maintains privacy.

Challenge: Mountains of paperwork

A social services agency in a large state—one responsible for programs that protect vulnerable children and adults—was struggling. Contact lists for clients were fragmented and couldn’t be easily shared across the agency. Client evaluation forms and calendar entries were inconsistent, differing from location to location. There was no clear way for a team member to see, in one place, all the information about any given case. This confusing morass of processes and paperwork was robbing staff of time better spent on the agency’s clients. They needed standardization across the organization and one, centralized source of information.

Solution: Customer relationship management tools

Many public agencies are adopting CRMs (customer relationship management tools), originally a tool to manage and analyze interactions with customers, to better serve their constituents. A CRM lets you sync data across your organization, and make all the information about any given individual or case available to everyone who needs it, no matter where they are. For our client, we created a CRM system using Salesforce Service Cloud to give all departments at the agency access to the info they needed—while managing permissions and maintaining privacy. This system is designed for easy input of info for busy case workers, and standardized forms across all locations the agency serves.

Result: Streamlined, centralized information

Essential paperwork like client evaluations is now captured in the Salesforce CRM, providing transparency across teams. And staff can instantly access information they need for scheduling and completing evaluations through a mobile app. The new system eliminated the need for teams to manually track contacts through a maze of spreadsheets, and centralized the agency’s database to eliminate duplicate records. This gave the agency more time to devote to clients, time previously used managing contacts in multiple places. Information is more complete than ever and its management is streamlined. Now, the agency can get a clearer picture of individual clients and cases, and more quickly connect people with the help they need.

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