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Snowflake has rocketed into prominence as the only cloud data platform powering the Data Cloud, enabling companies to build best-in-class analytic environments with unprecedented power, flexibility, and elasticity—at a fraction of the cost. As Snowflake's North America Partner of the Year for five years running, Slalom has the experience to help your business make the most of Snowflake and set the stage for long-term growth and sustainability.


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Snowflake Competencies and Designations

  • Industry Competency - Financial Services
  • Industry Competency - Healthcare and Life Science
  • Industry Competency - Media
  • Industry Competency - Retail and CPG
  • Industry Competency - Travel and Hospitality
  • Industry Competency - Technology
  • Migration Competency

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Snowflake Summit 2023: Innovation, AI, and beyond 


Snowflake Summit 2023 was an avalanche of insights and connections for the world of data. Read our recap for announcements and takeaways from the Summit, from FinOps to AI, and much more!

Slalom and Snowflake

Zero to Snowpark Workshops

We help clients adopt data engineering and data science workloads with Snowpark to reach business outcomes faster with new use cases, improved developer productivity, and reduced infrastructure cost. Check out the simple three-step process to go from Zero to Snowpark.

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Snowflake pairs well with many of our 400+ technology partner solutions.
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Building with Snowflake

Some of Slalom's most exciting Snowflake work happens in our regional Build Centers. Learn how Slalom Build partnered with Cecelia Health to build a sophisticated analytics platform that will power personalized virtual coaching for people with diabetes.

I’m excited about the potential Snowflake has to help our clients succeed. They listened to what the market wanted and built a fantastic product with features that have been on my cloud database wish list for years.

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Amplify machine learning with Snowflake

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Unleash an avalanche of insights with Snowflake and Tableau

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Modern data load accelerator for Snowflake using Talend

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