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Stories of Slalom and Workday

The impact of partnership

We’re proud to be a Workday Advisory Partner and to help our clients realize their HR and finance visions. No matter the scope or scale of the task at hand, we take a highly customer-centric approach, working with you to identify what’s best for your needs and how to maximize business value.

These five stories offer insights into the ways our Workday projects have driven meaningful change for teams and employees across industries and in countries around the world.

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Empowering employees

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A popular online streaming service approached us when rapid global growth was putting a strain on its existing HR and finance processes. With our support, the client simplified and integrated its systems environment. Implementing Workday—one system, one solution—reduced manual handoffs, empowered employees with anytime/anywhere access to their data, and created a new sense of global community.


Upgrading and optimizing

Upgrading doesn’t have to be a headache. One of our clients, a leading financial software provider, was an early adopter of Workday but hadn’t kept up with the latest features available from the platform. We partnered with its teams to assess the options available and worked with them to prioritize the right Workday enhancements for their goals. The result? A redesigned employee experience that eliminated inefficiencies and manual work-arounds. 

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Co-creating positive change

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A national not-for-profit association wanted to simplify things for employees, centralize daily tasks for its HR and finance teams, and offer more self-service options to its 900+ member organizations. It chose to implement both Workday Financial Management (FIN) and Human Capital Management (HCM) in partnership with Slalom and a third-party systems integrator. Our support on program management, governance, change management, and communications strategy ensured a seamless transition from the existing ERP system—and set the stage for positive change across the association.


Making it work for you

When a global technology provider with more than 50,000 employees  moved from a homegrown legacy application to a cloud-based HR solution with Workday, we bridged the gap with its implementation partner. Our consultants’ functional knowledge of HR helped the client untangle the complexities and adopt a balanced approach to design decisions. The results enabled its teams to account for both operational needs and long-term user experience—while taking full advantage of the platform.

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We’ve been in your shoes

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We’re known for helping our customers plan, design, and implement best-in-class technology solutions, but sometimes our internal teams need a little support too. A few years ago, as Slalom began to expand into new markets and countries, we outgrew our HR and talent systems and our own consultants were tasked with leading strategy and change management on a Workday implementation. Today, we use an integrated, scalable solution that has supported our company’s growth from 3,000 team members to over 9,000 in just three and a half years. 

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