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Slalom Ventures is a part of Slalom, a purpose-led, global business and technology consulting company. 

We support external innovation by connecting best-in-class startups around the world to our 3,000+ corporate clients and innovators

Powered by our global reach and extensive network of 13,000+ advisors and mentors, we provide cross-industry insights and technological expertise to scale future growth for the next-generation of entrepreneurs and businesses. 

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We are a platform for the entrepreneurial ecosystem.


Disrupt yourselfbefore someone else does.


We help you define your next best growth opportunity and get ahead of:

01. Disruption trends and early warnings on where the business could be upended

02. Radically new business models that have the power to transform your industry

03. Acquisition or partnership opportunities with battle-tested startups, providing immediate entry into new markets

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Building a great product doesn't matter if you can't get it in front of the right customers. 


We work with you to help you build, grow, scale, and fast track to investment or acquisition through:

01. Access to customers. We curate and prepare you to meet our global network of 3,000+ marquee clients across 30+ industries.

02. Mentorship and advocates. We carefully pair you with the set of senior mentors and sponsors across our extensive network of 13,000+ in-house advocates that provide meaningful support and in-depth expertise.

03. Slalom Ventures for Good; A Non-Dilutive Accelerator. We're on a mission to help impact startups grow without burdening them with costs or dilution, therefore, we charge no fees and take no equity in your startup.

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Investors, mentors, incubators, educators, communities, and entrepreneurial supporters


We work together with you to strengthen the startup ecosystem and create synergy through:

01. Shared deal flow to help source and grow the most promising startups

02. Shared thought leadership and industry expertise across ecosystems

03. Cross-collaboration and partnerships by working together to achieve a stronger global startup community

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Our flagship offerings

Harness the disruptive potential of early-stage startups

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Let's accelerate innovation together.

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